105mm HE dimensions

Fortunately, I have a lathe and a mill and had thought about turning up a drive band, as I have done these for 20mm - 30mm rounds. However, a friend of mine found some copper paint which not only looks good but tarnishes with age. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of ‘metal’ paints but I was really surprised with the results. They are graffiti paints made by Montana Colors.

In fact, I had initially thought about machining up a projectile using heavy walled tube but it is simply too much effort. Large projectiles are hard to find here and expensive when you do, so depending on interest, I may print up more and sell them. There are a lot of empty 105mm Howitzer cases sitting in houses…

I’ll have to look into flexible filament, so I can print wrap-around stencils.

OK - projectile printed in low res, as it is going to get a spray of high build primer, sanded and then painted. I still have the fuse to print but I’m happy so far.



Update: Projectile has been primed and painted but I still need to paint the fuse. I’ve also printed up a fuse for my 40mm Bofors. It too needs a coat of paint.

20180901_190651 20180831_162840


Well done!!!

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That really looks good Mayhem.

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Forgot to show you it finished.


Well almost - I still need to figure out how to do the stenciling.



Very nice indeed!


OK - I recently picked up another 105mm case and want to print up a projectile for it. However, I wanted to do one with a different profile and was thinking of an illumination round. Does anyone know of a drawing of one with dimensions?

How about a nice HEAT?

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I hand’t thought of a HEAT shell. That would save me having to worry about the fuse!

Well, I kinda thought that most people would not think of the HEAT version.
The fuze is there but I think it is rather easy to make then.

Yes - but it is in the base where nobody will see it. I should have said no nose fuse.

Mayhem, I came across this thread recently with a good method for stenciling large projectiles: Large caliber sectioning & restoration. Maybe this will help.


Thanks Larry - that is very helpful.

Mayem, it’s my pleasure. And I also wanted to say that the nearly finished product looks great! I can’t wait to see it with the markings.

Is there any chance you could send me the .idw/ .dwg for this. I’m trying to have one CNC’d out for my dad as a gift.

Unfortunately Fusion 360 doesn’t give me the option to save as either of those file formats.


Try .iges or .step as these are data transfer files.



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