105mm HE dimensions

Received. Thank you very much

Be sure to post some pictures of the finished shell.

Any chance you could share the files with me as well? I have found a few versions on Thingiverse but I really like your version.

I’ve decided that I need to print the just for completeness!

However, I cannot find a good dimensioned drawing of a B, D, M91 fuse. I don’t suppose you have one do you?

I guess I need an M14 105mm case for one of these now? :)

Mayhem, I saw your message only now after Jess had posted again.

You mean the fuze for the 105mm HEAT?

No worries Alex - I figured that was the case. I also noticed that in typing that post I completely forgot the word fuse! I’m sure my brain works faster than my fingers some days!

I wasn’t happy with the way I did the wrench flats. There was only one view on the drawings, so I wasn’t sure of the actual profile that hadn’t been machined. However, I managed to find an image that allowed me to fill in the details.

I printed it and it fits nice and looks the part but nobody will ever see it. I can be quite fixated on the small details some days! I still haven’t painted it up yet but hope to when we get some warmer days!

Ah, good!

Any chance you could show us the finished projectile?

sure. The exposed half is masked up and covered in primer, so it may take a while to get it to photo-shoot quality!

No hurry!
When ever it will be ready.

Doug here from New Mexico USA. I work for an awards business and we do a lot of awards for a Special OPS base nearby. The other day they wanted us to do a 3D print of a 105 projectile they wanted to put in a casing. I went looking and this web site and the work you did. Very very good.
Can you share the Fusion file with me?
Thank You

Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been travelling on business and don’t
have the files on my work computer. I spent a lot of time drawing
and perfecting the model and I’m not comfortable with simply giving it
away for a company to make money from it.






I am finally getting around to sorting out the stencilling. The recent post by Pepper generated a response that showed the lettering being done using adhesive vinyl stencils. A friend of mine can make them, so I am doing the drawings now. The M67 HEAT shell was easy but the dimensions on the M1 HE are confusing to me.

Does 5/8" + 1/8" indicate there is a 1/8" tolerance or that the characters are actually 3/4" in height?

Hi Mayhem I know its been a while but i just stumbled apon this post while looking for dimensions to create my own, I was wondering if you would be ok with sending me your .stl or fusion file for this. no worries if you don’t want to or no longer have it. By the way it looks great.

I am going to make one of these from wood on a lathe. Does anyone have length and diameter of each portion? This is going to be 100% hand made so I want it to be perfect and everywhere I look doesn’t give me the specifics but maybe I’m missing something.

Finally got the M1 shell finished. The M67 will have to wait, as the vinyl stencil wouldn’t peel off of the backing sheet. It simply de-laminated the backing sheet.

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Here’s mine… This 3d printing thing has been a fun ride


I know this thread has been inactive for a bit…but just ran across it. Would really like to print one of these out myself, and was wondering if you’d be willing to share the STL files for it.

I finally got around to getting this one stenciled.


Darren, as usual a good job!
Is the HEAT black or olive drab? I can not make it out on my small laptop screen (probably not the exactest color calibration too).

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