105mm Hoitzer cartridge M84B1 (Leaflet)


I just got a 105 M/M round that was made in 1969. There are no markings on the projectile other than the super quick fuze and a makers stamp in the steel. The brass casing shows what gun this round is to be used in and a lot number.
Who might be the best member to contact about this round?


Rob; Rather than ask who to ask, why not just ask your questions here? I know of several big-bore experts who spend time on the Forum and who could possibly help you. It’s important to include a good picture or two, and if you contacted an individual, they would probably ask for pictures as well. In addition, we might all learn something.

Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club, 1965-67


Rapidrob, If you could send some pix, I’m sure that one of us could give you some info on the round. Cheers, Bruce.


OK, I’ll do that this weekend.


Here is the shell. No marking on the shell itself. The base plate screws into the shell. Mechanical Time / Super Quick fuze. A Leaflet shell?


Rapid, You are indeed correct. The M84B1 is on page 3-31 & 3-32 in TM 43-0001-28 (Ammunition for Guns, Howitzers…). I’ll try to pm you a copy. Cheers, Bruce.


Can the base plate be had?