105mm Howitzer case

Question I many years ago received along with lots of other stuff from My father an inert 105 mm Howitzer projectile with inert sectioned fuse. It had been a display that was being discarded (ie thrown away as as scrap) and dad being Dad he rescued it. How hard is it to find a fired or inert case for this projectile? Also I have an inert 20 pound Parachute bomb that once had a parachute with it. Dad gave it to a young lady for use in a wedding dress, (Assume he was planning to marry her) she summarily dumped him and kept the parachute! How hard would it be to find an appropriate chute?

105mm Howitzer cases are plentiful, and can be found in 3 main varieties- all brass, all steel (just like the brass except for the metal used) and steel made with a spiral seam on the side of the case. They were basically interchangeable, so any would be appropriate for your purposes.

Sorry, I cannot help with finding a parachute, or a potential bride more appreciative of the sacrifices some ordnance collectors are willing to make for the sake of love.

The parachutes are out there, just often misidentified. They come in a can, about 4"x16", identified as a “parachute unit assembly”. There are several different models of the assembly, every time I think I have them I find a different model. The M41 20lb frag bomb is fin stabilized, when the parachute assembly is attached it is then known as the 23lb frag bomb.

Thx Mine looks like the one on bottom shelf. HAs fins! Even have a spare fuse thx to Dad. All inert of course! How would I search for one?

Start by going to SLICs and looking there, plus starting your networking. No place better to begin.