105mm M148A1B1 primer thread info needed

I recently bought a 105mm M148A1B1 case but it didn’t have a primer installed. I’d like to either find a fired primer or make a threaded plug for it.
Does anyone know what the thread size is or have some drawings I can look at?

I am not sure about the thread size but these cases are fairly common depending on condition. They are fitted with a wide range of primers which to the best of my knowledge are all electrically initiated. The main difference is the length of the internal primer tube that runs up the center of the case. If interested, I can point you in the direction of a seller who has these cases with a fired primer in place. It may be easier to get a complete fired case vs fabricating a threaded plug. May not be as much fun though :-)



Thanks, I’ll take that contact info. Maybe he has a case in bad shape he can pull the primer on.

Even though I may be able to make the plug myself, I’d rather have the real deal with the primer tube. This is for the M735 round BTW.

Thanks again!


Great! I will look up his info tomorrow and get it to you. The M735 used the M148A1B1 case with an ELEC M120 primer. This primer has a tube that runs up the center and stops exactly 7 inches from the case mouth opening. It is a very common shell / primer configuration but I have been looking for a few of these cases with an ELEC M120 for years with no luck except for one.

PS: Congrats on your M735 projectile. They are awesome!

Thanks again Jason.
I first saw and held a M735 about 10 years ago and have been wanting to get one ever since. I finally went for and got one in decent shape and great price from Colemans.
The case I got is new and unfired, great condition. It has 1970 date stamp and NOR Lot number. That’s Norris Industries. I mention it to my wife just for laughs because it was made just a few miles from us and she said her father used to work for Norris! Now that neat. He may have had a part in the making of this very case.

Does your M735 have its sabot petals? If not, it will not fit in the case without falling in.


Those sabot petals are going to be a tough find. Eventually I plan to turn a fake sabot so I can have a complete display. I was happy with just the projectile but when I found the case it turned this into a full project.

That would be awesome! Would love to see that when you are done. Very cool! I will keep my eye open for a complete inert M735 pojo for you also.