105mm shell information

I bought this casing in the UK recently, and I’m wondering which gun/tank fired it where.

I found a similar thread but unlike this one, it has printed text on top of its inscriptions.

Hand written memo shows inscriptions, the printed text in black seems clear enough so I just skipped it.

Any information would be very much appreciated.

What is the length of your case in mm? The correct length should be around 610mm.

This case was made for a variation of the British designed 105mm L7 Tank gun, which was used and manufactured by a number of other countries.

As far as I can tell from the markings, the case was made in Canada by IVI in 1979. The primer was made by DAG in Germany, and the case was loaded by EMZ in the Netherlands. I may be wrong about some of the markings, so would appreciate correction if needed.

The large SH/T PRAC marking indicates that the case was loaded with a Squash head tracer practise projectile. This was a projectile fired during training exercises which would be designed to match the weight and dimensions of a live projectile to provide similar ballistic performance. The tracer is a component mounted to the base of the projectile which burns with a bright light. This shows the path of the shell in flight.

A live squash head projectile is a type of shell designed to flatten against the armour of a tank before exploding. This is designed to blow fragments of the armour off inside the tank.


Thank you for your detailed response.

Unfortunately this shell case has been processed, into a pillbox(? is that what you call these things?).
It’s a shame they did that to the entire shell but if they didnt, it wouldn’t have fit in my suitcase and I wouldn’t have been able to fly it with me over 5000miles…

It is quite intriguing that they would take a shell casing from Canada and then process it in Europe, I thought it’d be cheaper if they just made the casing in Europe as well.

Welcome to the IAA, Bushman!


Bushman, prices are always a question of who wins the tender and who can supply in time.
You would be surprised if you knew about the “international tourism” of ammo components and complete rounds. Let alone those items which are not bearing the true factory data but the one a customer wanted or the one a manufacturer applied to remain anonymous when delivering to places where it would be illegal.

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