Hello, recieved my first cannon shell as a Christmas present and the only thing I can tell from the stamping is the year, was hoping to obtain a little more info about it.

Cannot really get a good clear photo of the primer but it reads “MY 1 - 70 - 2/66 M28A2”

Will attach photos, cheers Hamish

Very nice score, Hamish! While I can not tell you what all of the marking mean, the, “HE,” usually stands for, “HIGH EXPLOSIVE,” referring to the type of projectile that would be attached to this case. The,“DUAL GRAN,” probably referee to the type of powder charge inside the case. I am sure others here will be able to breakdown the meaning of all of the marking. Congrats Big time. Happy HEALTHY New Year!


The term “ Dualgran” indicates that the propellant is made in two sizes.

It could be FNH = Type of propellant - Flashless, Non-hygroscopic

That is a nicely marked case typical from 1965.
Australian MF cases always seem to have a 1 then a progressive lot number.
MF-1-67 = Lot 67. By 1970 it was Lot 157. 1971 was lot 179 from my examples.
The powder type or lot is always the same FNH so a powder type or lots of the same lot No.?

The M28A2 primers are all made or filled at MY , St.Marys, NSW.

I show two later stencil prints from 1970 and later ADI Benalla 2006.


Possibly a souvenir of Australian participation in Vietnam?