106mm M93B1 Recoilless

I just got a empty case for the 106mm M93B1 Recoilless
I have some questions about it.

  1. What is the purpose of the extra silver screw-in plug? I have another M93B1 case that does not have this plug.

  2. The case has a 2 3/4 inch red band at the case mouth and a 2 1/4 inch yellow band around the head. What do these signify?

  3. I can not read it all, but I think the stenciling on the base says “CTG HEAT M?44A1” and “RIFLE M4”. Can anyone confim or correct any of this?

  4. Does anyone have the manual for the ammunition that shows or lists the various loads for the 106mm Recoilless?

This type case appears to be unique among the 106mm Recoilless family with the addition of a second hole in the base (for loading), to be closed by a threaded plug. The case M93B1 apparently is only used with the folding finned HEAT projectile of the HEAT M344A1 round.
These were used inteh 106mm Recoilless rifle M40, mainly as an anti-tank weapon in the Vietnam era, and were later replaced by the TOW missile.

John S.–Thanks for the information. I thought it was a “3” in the “M344A1” but it was not not clear. As for the “Rifle M40” as opposed to “Rifle M4”, again, I thought it was “M40” but there is no remnants of the “0” left on the case, just “M4”

Any idea why there are both with and without filing holes in the M93B1 case. I have both types. Was the charge varied in the field on the HEAT round and thus a need for the loading hole?

I also have a 106mm Drill, M368 complete round with case type T75 and projectile HEP-T T139E47. What does the “P” stand for? I assume the rest is “High Explosive (?)-Tracer” Since this is a Drill round could “P” mean “Practice”? Of course, the entire round was manufactured as an inert training round with simulated powder.

Do you have a list of all the load types in the 106 x 408 mm Recoilless family of ammunition?

1)John is right about the filling plug. The large fins are almost halfway down the case.This makes filling before attaching the shell unpossible. The projectile is placed on the empty case. After that the case is loaded threw the plug.
2) I don’t have a clue. Could you post a picture?
3)“CTG HEAT M344A1” and “FOR RIFLE M40” “FOR” has disappeared on your case.
4) I have a pdf file (bad scan) will sent you later.
5) HEP = “High Explosive Plastic” sometimes called HESH High Explosive Squash Head. (the right one on the picture)

Western–Thanks for the picture. Now that I see the HEAT projectile along with your explanation, it makes sense. The round in your picture on the right looks just like my Drill, M368 Round. I’ll be looking forward to the PDF.

I do not have a digital camera (Yet!! BIG on my Christmas List) so I have no way to post a picture.

Thanks for the explanation of the “HEP”.

Loads for the 106mm Rifle

HEAT M344 and M344A1
Interesting use of different proppeling charge. M344 - M10 , M344A1 - M26.
Different case ,M93 1488 x 7,5mm perforations , M93B1 or M94 1160 x 8mm perforations.

HEP-T M346 SERIES , High-Explosive Plastic Tracer , case M94B1

APERS-T M581 , Anti-Personel Tracer , case M94B1

Dummy M368 , simulates HEP-T

I’m looking for pictures of headstamp M93 , M93B1 and M94 cases.
Make me happy!