10ga NF Red Flare (plus other variations, colors, boxes, cans, bunters)

I show a nice 10ga red flare box loaded by NF.
I think it is by National Fireworks,Boston,Mass.
Can anyone confirm if the headstamp No NF 10 is on a flare case and a photo please.

11 days and no answers. Can some shotshell collector confirm that a 10ga NF headstamped case exists? Is NF National Fireworks?
Did NF load NF headstamped cases or ones from other case makers?
Any help is appreciated. Ron.

Hi Ron,
I checked R. Iversons book ‘shotshells in the United States’ and he shows no information about the company you have.
I colllect only ‘regular’ shotshells and no flares, special purpose and so on, so I can’t give any more information, sorry.

Regards rené Polman

I looked through my flares at the time & none with this HS so didn’t reply.

Thanks for looking. At least I have the box .Must be scarce?

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Winchester made Flare shells marked: RL No 10.
These shell were green case, 2 7/16’’ long.

National Fireworks, Inc., of West Hanover, Mass. loaded their red flare cartridges into Winchester No.10 NUBLACK headstamped red paper colored tubes. I have many different loose red very flares in my collection but was unable to find a “N.F” marked shell. It prompted me to open one of my sealed boxes to actually see how the shells are as marked. These shells are not in any sense “rare” or extremely “valuable”, but take effort to hunt them down when at gun/cartridge shows. I would have no problem paying up to $45/50 or so for a box, full and sealed. I took pics of shell on my cell phone but unsure on how to post pics with my/this reply, sorry. Jim Eichas…………….mrwinchester97

I post photos for mr97. Thanks for this information. Ron.

What are the words below NUBLACK

Made in USA

You answered another of my queries. RL No 10 headstamp.
So these were made by Winchester. Who is RL?
I read somewhere they were made by USCCo.

RL; Code for Winchester

Winchester made the shells marked RL headstamp.
These were NPE shells that were then shipped to a sub-contractor for loading and packaging. Many fireworks companies were employed for this purpose. The loading company would mark the box with their code. IE; N.F… These shells as loaded were packed in 10 round cardboard boxes and in round, key strip sealed tins containing 25 rounds. These shells as loaded are common but sealed boxes are harder to find; as NPE they are very uncommon to rare.

If USCCo made any, they would probably be black hulls
USCCo was known for their Black Shells.

A few random photos of my 12 ga flare items…I had these on my computer so I firgured to add them to the post

three unopened boxes, few misc shells

Pretty nice can & contents
(note two sets of bunters & matrix (“mother” for the bunters)…out of Remington Bridgeport, CT


Empty Cans

boxes of NPE

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Nice, best I’ve seen.
Can you post the bunter & matrix headstamps. Please

I never see the tins for sale. Very nice collection and thanks for posting these photos. I have a later red box from 1917 which has No Rem-Umc 10 Arrow
cartridges in it. 1906 is very early.

bunter, matrix, and H/S round (and three flares from one of the kits)

bunter, matrix, and H/S RF flare from one of the kits…(sorry about glare)

TEI H/S from the two full 25 round NPE boxes

unopened can…assumed RF or RFC H/S

Thank you

Hi Pepper, Do you have other headstamped RF flares, or are they only from the kits? (Or unopened tins maybe?) I do not have one, but I didn’t have a Nublack or an Arrow either!
Anyone have a list of known headstamps for these flares?
Thanks, Dan