10ga NF Red Flare (plus other variations, colors, boxes, cans, bunters)

I’d have to look if the “glare photo” RF example (in the plastic) is from a “broken” (in complete) kit ?

It would seem I have RF; TEI; VFM:…I’ll do some sleuthing this weekend

I can only add the R.L. green NPE mentioned above, and a tan P.C. white flare. (That some ah wrote on with pencil!) The brass knurling/stamping on all of them, reminds me of
the Peters shot shells anyway.

T.E.I No.10 Brown
T.E.I. No.10 Green
L.D.F. No.10 Blue
L.D.F. No.10 Green
I.F.S. No.10 Cream
P.C. No.10 Cream
R.F. No.10 Green
R.F. No.10 Red
R.F. No.10 Cream
U.F. No.10 Red (Western?)
All above are Peters
V.F.M No.10 Cream, Green & Red; Vitale Fireworks Manufacturing Co.
N.M.P. No.10 ?
Winchester Nublack No.10 Red
RL No.10 (Winchester Mfg.)

I have two more white flares.
LDF Brown/cream
UF Brown/cream
Rem-Umc No10 Arrow. red.

I show the 1917 box that contains the Arrow shells.
They have a coating of wax over the primer and half the base. Ripple wads.
I have enjoyed the additional information posted from my NF box query.
Now I need to find some empty flare boxes and tins. Ron.


Thanks Guys!