10mm Genco Expender in a musical cassette


Anyone remembers cassettes, the things after 8-tracks and before CD’s? These rounds were marketed in a cassette box, you can see the 2 holes where cassette spokes went. Awesome!!! The first one for me.



Nice one Vlad! I’m glad to see another caliber for that package type. I’ve had a .44mag pack like that for about a year now:

One interesting thing is how the factory-printed label says “120 grain” for all the different calibers, but they just use different stickers for the caliber. The 10mm and .44mag are probably not 120gr.
The cassette packs get brittle over time, and the foam degrades, so finding one in good condition is a nice thing to have.


Have one in .380. 75 grs. bullet weight & 1175 MVIFPS