Here is another cartridge that I can find almost no info on if anybody can please assist
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Remington used the name Accelerator for this sabot line of ammunition. This is the first time I see a 10 mm Accelerator.
In 7.62 mm (.30) the “real” bullet was a 5.56 mm. Preliminary tests showed that dispersion was about 1.8 times the dispersion of an ordinary cartridge. Velocity was relatively high, in the usual 5.56 mm range, while gas pressure was very moderate.
This ammunition was quickly outlawed in Germany due to “forensic hysteria” (barrel leaves no firing marks on the bullet). I am not aware that it played any significant role in crimes in the U.S.

All I know on this one is that the case is an 8mm Rem Magnum cartridge case with 8mm bullet but with a 10mm sabot. Experimental.