10x27R Dutch Colonial revolver (Inert) (Edit: 9.4x27R KNIL Dutch Colonial Police Revolver, made from Dutch 6.5 Mannlicher cases)

Had this sitting in a draw for some time and recently tried to get a better understanding and ID.


Dimensions (mm) are:

Bullet diameter: 10.0

Case Length: 27.5

Head: 10.9

Rim: 12.4

Total Length: 33.0

I believe that this might be: 10 x27R Dutch Colonial Police revolver {Soerabaya ammunition plant, East Java, Indonesia}.

Some information said manufacture was 1940.

The bullet has a 40 stamped into the lead.

The case looks as though it was reformed from something else.

I’m unclear if this was a factory manufactured cartridge or a; ‘homemade?’

Appreciate that there is some limited information at:

Any additional background information would be appreciated.


It was of local but official manufacture. The case was a 6.5 m/m Dutch rimmed Mannlicher of 1922 FN origin, extensively modified. I believe the 40 is the date the cartridge was assembled in its present form. Jack

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This cartridge was normally made from fired Dutch 6,5 Manlicher cases.
The Dutch government had local ammunition factories in the Dutch colony, now Indonesia.
The month and year of the production was pressed in the bullet.
An example made in December 1888 and August 1908.
The box is from 4-40 made in the Pyrotechnische Werkplaats.

@gyrojet can tell much more about these rounds.



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I’m thinking of, how to reference this cartridge in a collection?

Would it be more correct to call it a 10.4x27R rather than 10x27R?

10 mm (Ref: Municion)
10.4 mm (Ref: DocAV)



attached you will find an excerpt of the ECDV (Ecra Caliber Data Viewer).
There you find a possible reference.




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As an addendum, there is a ‘4’ punched into the lead bullet, directly opposite the ‘40.’
4-40 (4-1940).

Many thanks to everyone for their insight.