11.15 Mauser? blanks


A fellow brought some large European blanks by my table at the gun show yesterday. I wasn’t able to measure them; as I’ve never had anyone bring in anything that wasn’t readily identifiable from 10 feet away, I didn’t have my calipers with me. They were about 1.5" long, appearing to been made perhaps from shortened 11.15mm Mauser cases. They had the raised Mauser style head and a 6 or 8 section rose crimp. The headstamp was GR | * | 1888 | * |. I have never seen any of these before, and was wondering if they had some military purpose other than just for making noise. He had gotten the idea that they were valuable, and I wasn’t able to talk him out of one.


Possibly 10.15 Jarmann harpoon blanks.


Were they similar to this?

I picked this up as unidentified. It has no headstamp, Mauser ‘A’ base, 8 section rose crimp. Appears to be a grey felt wad under the crimp.
Rim diameter, 14.9mm
Base diameter 13.2mm
Neck diameter 11.8mm
O/A length 59.3mm


If you cut that one off just above the shoulder, then give it the same type of crimp as on yours and it would look similar.