11.15 x 58R M77 AUSTRIAN WERNDL who made it?


Quadrantly segmented headstamp on M77 11.15 X 58R Austrian Werndl
@ 12 o’clock III
@ 9 0’clock 18
@ 3 o’clock 87
@ 6 o’clock F B A overlaid or monogramed with the F being the greater size


This headstamp is reported as unknow on the french book “culots de munitions”.

My (very) personal opinion is that is Hungarian made.


Ian Hogg, in “The Cartridge Guide”, calls it (#2292) FAB and has "Unknown Austro-Hungarian: seen on 11.15 X 60R Mauser with 1880’s dates."
And I have it on the Werndl also.


Fabrik Arthur Krupp, Berndorf/Niederosterreich.