11.15 x 60r [43 mauser]


11.15 x 60 R Mauser, nice condition except for patch.
Any guesses as to manufacturer ??
I thought someone may have the same headstamp only more legible!!!


I cannot read the letters at all, except the one entry that in the photo looks like a “I” or an upside-down “T” but could be a serif-letter “L.” One of the few undated trinomial headstamps for this caliber that faintly resembles this has the letters “G E L” as the total headstamp, in the same arrangement as in your photo, and is a product of the Georg Egestorff Co. of Linden, Germany.

You might examine your headstamp closely and see if the headstamp entries could possibly be “G E L.”

If it could not possibly be “G E L” then, unfortunately, I haven’t a clue.


John, The letter at 5 o’clock is an L [Stylised] if reading from the rim
The letters at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock are anyone’s guess



Terry - I think, then, that despite the fact that they don’t look like it in the photo, the other letters probably are “G E” for Georg Egestorff, of Linden, Germany. this headstamp is pictured in the Book "Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71, Die erste Deutsche Metallpatrone Ihre Vorla


John, I think I will go with G E L untill proven wrong, Terry.