11.15 X 60R cartridge

  • I would like to see a photo showing the 11.15X60R cartridge which was used by the German Mauser infantry rifle Mod.1871 and also by the German Mauser infantry rifle [and the navy version] Mod.1871/84. Since I have the original German knife bayonet 1871/84 [the first knife bayonet ever issued to the German Army], I want to see the rimmed 11.15X60R cartridge. Many thanks in advance, Liviu 11/18/08

Here are a couple picked at random. Basically the same except for the flat nose on the M1871/84 which was necessary for the tubular magazine of the M1871/84 rifles and carbines.

  • @ pbutler: Very nice rounds, thank you. Do you know how was the original packing of these rounds??? —> The 11.15mm Mauser infantry rifle Mod.1871 was a single-shot weapon but the rifle Mod.1871/84 had an 8-cartridge tubular magazine below the barrel, it can be seen here at militaryrifles.com/Germany/71-84Mau.htm Liviu 11/18/08

I have seen 10 and 20 round boxes. The 10 round box shown may have had a label that came off sometime in the past 120 years or so.


Although it’s not really packaging, here’s what a M71/84 ammo pouch looks like.