11,15 x 60R Mauser by Gevelot?


Here a 11,15x60R Mauser with headstamp “A 4 80 Mx”

I did not find a reference to this headstamp for the 11mm Mauser.

I have read an old post with information and data about these headstamp but there is no reference to this caliber.

Any additional information? Gevelot?



Not the Mx military contract hs but rather the Gevelot “M” Moulineaux commercial one is here:


Is the Mx headstamped cartridge is the lowest one in your picture? If yes, it seem shorter than the other two and so It should be a 11x59R gras Mle 74

Laurent, the cartridge is the first.
I edited the image and numbered them.
Measurements are those of a 11.15x60R Mauser.