11.15 x 60R Mauser Nitro Hunting Loads


A couple of unusual 11.15 x 60 R Mauser nitro hunting loadings from a Swiss catalog published in 1907-8:


Learning about any new variation of this cartridge is always a plus, but I do wonder if Swiss marmots were unusually hardy animals. Jack


Jack, it seems that a Swiss marmot of that era was as big as a Megatherium.


Fede: Your point is well taken, and since I have never hunted marmots it ill-behooves me to dismiss them as tough opponents. Jack


It’s hard to hunt a chamois with such a cartridge, using a heavy bullet with low velocity . You must fire it at short to medium ranges, which is not always possible hunting chamois.


These bullets are lighter than the service ammo and the higher velocity would give a flatter trajectory.