11.15x60R anomalies

In my collection I have a couple of 11mm Mauser M1871 cartridges that are atypical. The first has the headstamp S 6 77 ** and the 1871 PP bullet. Note the two stars rather than the usual one; the round otherwise looks standard. The second has the headstamp S 8 88 * and the 71/84 type bullet lacks the paper patch but is heavily greased and the case mouth is crimped. This second specimen appears to be factory original as far as I can tell. Anyone have an idea on either (or both) of these?

It is really hard to find someone who likes the 11mm Germans as much as I do. Do you have Windisch and Kellner’s new book on the subject ? It helps if you read German ( which I don’t) but there are plenty of great color photos of various rounds and many headstamps,box labels,patent papers-some in English. The book is available from the German club reachable from the IAA home page. If you are this interested in the 11mms you need it.

Several years ago I realized I had run out of space on my bookshelves and have become really hard-nosed about book buying. I don’t intentionally buy anything other than titles I imagine I can’t live without and try to weed some of my all-too-numerous “pretty-good” titles when I acquire a new item. I got Moetz’s vol. 1 a year or two ago and regard it as the best cartridge-related publication I’ve ever owned. In checking over the description of Windisch and Kellner I suspect I’d be willing to weed one of my marginal items to provide shelf space. Thanks for the suggestion.

It is the only game in town for the 11mm German Mauser cartridges.