11.15X60R M71/84 Mauser

Right cartridge in 1st picture has been correctly identified as 11.15X60R M71/84 Mauser. Further down are 2 pictures which I am asking if this is a 11.15X60R made by UMC? Measurements are same as 1st pic 11.5X60R except 3.03 cartridge length.
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Jim C

Need help to clear these 2 from my desk.
Left hs W-W SUPER 30-40 KRAG. bullet .429, 2.05 cartridge length, 1.75 case length, .536 rim diameter (wildcat?)
Right hs S 86 * 8, bullet .457, 2.83 cartridge length, 2.35 case length, .586 rim diameter ( beveled rim & large brass primer matches 2 other types of Spanish 11.15 which I have. But rim is smaller?)

I believe someone was trying to make a 45-90 Win. round as shown as the left cartridge…Pete.

Please check the 36 on the right cartridge headstamp.

As Dan pointed out check the " 36 " which in fact may be " 86 ".


Attached as requested. Believe you & Brian are correct as the loops appear to continue

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With this headstamp the original case was a M71/84 Mauser by Spandau 1886 (11,15x60R), but reloaded…

Appreciate it.

The one on the left reminds me of a .445 Super Mag. All Super Mag cartridge brass cases were 1.620" long. Before commercial brass was made, people used .30-40 Krag brass as a basic brass. Even though this bullet diameter is .457", it could be an example of the never-produced .455 Super Mag. Where did you pick this up?

It was mixed in with singles which I purchased from a long-time collector.

Appreciate the info.

You helped me identify a M71/84 Mauser (11.15X60Rl) last week. I have come across another cartridge with same measurements except 3.03 cartridge length? Did UMC make this item as headstamp reads U.M.C. U.S.A.

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