11.15X60R Mauser, M71/M84


Has unknown 12o’clock, 86 3o’clock, chrysanthum 6, 5 at 9’oclock

11x60 Japanese Murata for the Meiji type 13 single shot Japanes bolt rifle, is my guess. Looks like the round in my collection. clear pic of the headstamp would help.

11.15X60R Mauser, M71/M84

When this chrysanthum means a star, Will is right. German M71/84.

That means the “Unknown must be a “D”, an “E” or a “S”

D ; Königl. Arsenal Danzig
E ; Königl. Arsenal Erfurt
S ; Königl. Arsenal Spandau


Under better light, the unknown was an E.

Thanks for the help.