11.15x60R mm Mauser headstamp ID

Hi all

I was looking for information (manufacturer) of this 11mm (.43) Mauser

In Hoyen Vol 2, page 226 there is a reference for a very similar “W” headstamp in a 10.15x63R Serbian Mauser. It state that it is possible a product of France.

Any information will be appreciated

A VERY similar raised “M” hs is known on 10.4x38R Vetterli CF and 9.5x42R Chabert Carbine both attributed to the Moulineaux factory of Gevelot (later SFM).

I am not saying that this isn’t a Winchester product (as sometimes stated) but if I had to choose then it would be Gevelot/SFM as it appears identical and they certainly produced the 11mm Mauser and also I believe they had a drawing for the 10.15mm Serbian so are likely to have produced that as well.

M & W - the sides of uprights the being for the most part parallel in an “M” and in the “W” being not very parallel but spreading apart at the base is one way to suss out which either might be when up side down or right side up.
But sometimes it’s the depth of the “V” formed by the uprights.

I’m speaking from having this same sort of problem.

Also you will notice in the “M” at 0600 the (upper) photo is taken with the head of the shell at an angle & and not flat / parallel to the lens plane like in the lower photo so parallax tends to make the upper look more upside down “W-ish” if that is such a word.
Easy to deceive.

I can add that a 10.15 x 61 R dummy dismounted from a SFM display board has this same raised “M” headstamp.

Really thank you all, I will label this unit as Gevelot (Moulineaux).

I appreciate the help.

Saludos desde Uruguay