This one is not really unknown as mentioned in ECRA caliber data viewer from the M.Beutter auction. This is another specimen.


Pascal, I have seen this interesting case before but had not made my mind up as to what it is. The comments by Manfred in the ECRA database are interesting so it appears that there are at least three cases and it may well be a genuine factory produced case.

I was concerned that this may have been made from one of the Extended Blank cases for the 11.15x60R Mauser as manufactured by Lorenz.

I will add it to my database as: “MB153 11.15x77R MB” as the case appears to be c77.2R - what about yours ?

WBD, measurements are :

Neck dia : 11,9mm - .468
Shoulder dia : 12,92mm - .508
Base dia : 13.05mm - .514
Rim dia : 14.88mm - .586
Case l : 77,19mm - 3.038


Thanks Pascal

Hi, mine is 77,5mm long, same headstamp.
Wondering as it has already the headstamp with KARLSRUHE (before Carlsruhe) writing, even as this form was only mandatory from 1901 on (governmental reform of german grammar writings). But it was in use since about 1890 …and used by gusto of the user
Same happens to KÖLN (Cöln), KOBLENZ (Coblenz)…Köln even fighted to use Cöln, but lost in a courtcase against the central gov…

Beutter’s entry: