11.35 Schouboe

Was recently going thru and reorganizing collection and when I cam to the auto pistol part, saw that I have two rounds of 11.35 schouboe. One is DRS 1912 headstamp with brass case and small rounded primer. second is DWM K 192B K again with brass case and slightly larger flat primer. both have identical silver colored FMJ bullets. I know that the designer went to DWM for help on the ammunition because of the blowback action thus I assume the light bullet weight.
I went to my notes and saw two bullet weights listed 55 grain with steel jacket wood core and aluminum disk on base of bullet the other as tested by US in pistol trials was 61.7 grains Aluminum composite (?) jacket wood core. Both listed as having Muzzle velocity from pistol of over 1600 fps. Reading further it looks like The pistol design originally was in 7.65 acp a simple blowback action in 1903. The 11.35 came along in 1907 and the pistol design was changed around 1910/12 which was the version sent to US Tests. Toatl quantity of pistols made was around 500 with first 100 experimental. Production ceased around 1917…
Ive wondered how many headstamps/ variations of the 11.35 round were made. Seems like the DRS headstamp has different dates from 1910-? and Ive only seen the single DWM headstamp. does anyone know of other headstamps?

There are 3 different headstamps for the 11.35 schouboe. DRS 1912, DRS 1913 and DWM 192B. I think the 7,65 schouboe used standard 7,65mm cartridges. Here are a couple of pictures of the guns.

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I can help with a DRS 1913.


This is an example of one of the DWM 192B headstamped rounds




Paul, Thank you. I have four specimens of the Schouboe cartridge, plus a separate projectile, but this is the first time I have seen the insides of one. Never had a dupe in this and generally too expensive for me to buy one just to cut open. This really helps us understand the construction of the bullet. The single pulled bullet I have looks totally encapsulated, but it is plain to see here that it is a two piece jacket, the basic bullet profile with a separate base closure. Great stuff.

This was for me a good thread, as we also got, from the link to the Danish site, some good pictorials.

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John Moss

Thanks John. I look at this forum multiple times per day and read most threads but usually can offer very little. But having section 1500+/- rounds over the past 10 years I can occasionally contribute a sectioned round.


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Another mention that might be of possible interest is in the IAA journal Issue 488 Nov./Dec. 2012 on pg 44 as it concerns the rimless version.

Paul, your cutaway is an outstanding contribution to our knowledge about this cartridge.

Sorry for delayed response. HAd a PC hickup thats now resolved. Thanks for the great replys. I kind of figured there were limited headstamps as production of the pistols was small. and over a short period. The pictures of pistols is very interesting; an ergonomic looking design. I know the ammunition design was aided by DWM. a small short story for an interssting fireamr and amnunition. John Guenther