11.3x45mm Dutch Remington Rolling Block Cavalry Carbine


Does anyone have an example of an original Dutch Remington Rolling Block cavalry 11.3x45mm cartridge or a picture of it? George Layman in his book “Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World” has a section about the Remington Rolling Block carbine adopted by the Netherlands in 1870. The original cartridge was in a 11.3x45mm caliber and later modified by Dutch for the longer Infantry Rifle cartridges. I have been searching the internet and can’t find a picture of this cartridge, can someone help?



Hoyem’s “History and Develop of Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. 2” lists as item CRF 147 a cartridge described as “11.4x44.5R Gendarmerie Carbine, 1869” and indicates use in the Remington Rolling Block. This may be the item?

There is a whole cartridge pictured as well as a sectioned round that was from the International Exposition Philadelphia, 1876. The latter I believe is shown in Lewis’ fantastic article on the Exposition collection as item 165 in drawer 5 and a link to a download for that may be found here: (Big File)

sil.si.edu/smithsoniancontri … T-0011.pdf


[Edited to add location in Lewis article]


Dave, thank you. It took me several tries, but I finally got the Lewis article/study to download. Yes, you are right, this is the cartridge I am looking for. Thanks for your research to help me. This has to be an ultra rare cartridge. I have been collecting all the possible cartridges used in the Remington Rolling Block rifle and this is the reason I was interested in finding out more about his particular one. It looks it would really be a challenge to get.



Glad to be of help. You must have quite a list of cartridges to collect even if you limit it to the military contract calibers. How many calibers have you determined were used in the Rolling Block?



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