11,4 romanian cartridges

Below a picture of some 11,4 romanian’s cartridges

The first one is a 11,4x60R, the second and the third are 11,4x49R and the fourth one is a11,4x40R.
Basing on some old topics on the IAA’s forum and different sources (books and websites like municion.org),
11,43x60R Romanian Peabody
Kynoch headstamp?
It seems that the first one was made by the french compagny SFM, and the others by Kynoch.

I take the liberty to repost below the picture of Jim’s Cartridge:

and also the cartridge of Nils showed in the Ecra’s database:

Looking at the headstamps of the Kynoch’s ones, The numbers at 6 o’clock on both the 11,4x49R and the 11,4x40R are “1” or “2” or “10” or “11” , so this input should be for the month of manufacture.

Another thing I’m questionning about is the “M 79”, I could agree with the fact that romania had adopted a rifle and a carbine at the same date.( the 11,4x49R and the 11,4x40R, as these cartridges have nearly the same dates of manufactures). But it’s difficult to understand why they would had adopted 2 differents rifles at the same time, it would be complicate for the supply of ammunitions to the troop…
The 11,4x60R have a late date of manufacture but still bear the “M79” so I wonder if the M79 rifles could have been rechambered for a longer and most powerful cartridge. This is just an idea basing on my thoughs without any proofs.
Please, let me know what you think about that and don’t hesitate to correct me.


Think back to the US with both the Colt .45 revolver, and the Schoefield .45 Revolver, two cartridges in inventory, turned out to be a mess. If the Colt foot soldier got Schoefield ammo it was O.K., but if the Schoefield horse soldier got the Colt ammo, well, not so O.K.

Speculation: Rifle for foot troopers, carbine for horse soldiers, carbine round smaller and kicks less, so more controlable on horseback?

And yes, it would make sense to rechamber the shorter [carbine?] round to eliminate inventory- and ammunition issue- problems.

Very cool ammo, nice pictures, thanks!

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Thank you for posting this. A few days ago while looking for something I pulled an unknown cartridge that I have had for a few years out of a box. It has been sitting on my desk for several days now and now and then I made some minor attempts to I.D. it. Then today when I opened this thread there in the 3rd picture was my cartridge with the exact same headstamp. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome Zac! Glad you was able to identify your cartridge.

Is the 11.4 x 40R cartridge the same as the .500/.450 No. 1 Carbine cartridge?