11,43 cartridge pistol ball brass case

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Look here.

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Fede - I have no luck searching anything on the IAA Forum, but you probably can. Not so very long ago there was a thread on some surplus ammo from Russia. It got pretty involved. I don’t recall if the can was on there or not. You might check it. I think it had a little more info than the Forum Rayreferencenced, although it was useful too.

Found these ones



Bottom line is that is was apparently Lend-Lease ammo that was supplied to the Soviets for Thompsons that were included in vehicle equipment kits. It was repackaged and sold as surplus some time in the 1990s.

Ray, John, Pivi and Jonny, thanks for your help. This has been discussed on several forums but couldn’t find any conclusive information about the source of it. What I know is that it seems to contains 756 rounds divided in 18 unmarked boxes of 42 rounds each, and reported headstamps inside are WCC 42, FA 42, R A 42, and W.R.A. .45 A.C.. It looks like a quite recent repack coming from an unknown Russian source.

These IAA Journal articles may apply here, see IAA Journal #489, pages 22 -24; IAA Journal #491, page 44.


does anyone have a picure of the package these rounds came in?

Here it is:

no markings on the box correct?

very cool
i want a box

[quote=“whos2kno”]no markings on the box correct?

very cool
i want a box[/quote]

the ones sold in Europe had a Label, better an outer package around the one shown here… They where packed by LIBRA and imported by some german companies. As soon I found the packet, i will mail some pics to Alex to post it…
For certain reasons I do not use one of the Picture "farms"
The marking on the box: “Specification on the bottom of the cartridge case corresponds to calibre 45 AUTO”, has to be there for CIP rulings. As the headstamp does not include the caliber, they have to be usually stamped on side. He (Mr.Libra)circumvenced that, as he just stated that the makers Name and year are en indicator for .45 ACP…The other side of the box has the czech proofhouse stamp on it.


Peter’s images:

Peter & Alex, thanks a lot for sharing those pictures.