11,43x60R Romanian Peabody


I have in my collection several cartridges of Romanian Peabody.
But i dont know who made them.Please, help me to identify this headstamps.
Any information about companies which manufactured these cartridges.


Mechanik–As you can see there is no picture of your unknown headstamp.

It helps if you state what the headstamp is in the text, even if you are posting a picture. Doing so helps in two ways. First, sometimes the pictures are not clear enough to read the headstamp easily and second, for future searches the search engine can not read images, so stating the headstamp in the text allows it to be found with a search.


ОК,it is clear,thanks!
Here is the pictures,and text of headstapms:
1 M-85-79

2 M-87-79-L


This headstamp is definity by Kynoch. If I look at your two examples there are differences, your seem to have beveled bases whereas this is quite flat. Also the font differs and the font size differs when the font appears the same. The headstamp style appears to have been specified by the customer and the manufacturers applied it to their own specifications but I can’t say who the manufactureres were. I do not believe yours were made by Kynoch based on the differences.




Thanks a lot,Will!
May be somebody else have information about this headstamps?


I can add another similar headstamp although mine is on a 11.43 x 40mm Rumanian Carbine round. I would describe the head as being flat and only rounded at the edges. I’ve always understood it to be of Kynoch manufacture for Rumania where I think the cartridge designation was M/79. Would this account for the ‘79’ being common to all of these headstamps? I’d guess 81 is the year of manufacture but I’ve got no idea what the 2 means.


Jim–The “2” is the month of production.


Yep, that would make sense Ron.