11.4mm Welij

I am looking for a photograph of the head (showing the primer) of the 11.4mm Welij revolver cartridge. I have a photograph of the profile plus all the technical data described in Harder & Dreschler’s book on Dutch Military Revolvers (Die Militärrevolver der Niederlande 1856-1940). The 11.4mm Welij was the cartridge used in the Dutch Naval conversion of the Adams-Francotte percussion revolver using the design by J.H. van Welij . The cartridge was made from 1873 to 1891/2 at the State factory at Delft and probably unheadstamped. Packages (if they exist) may refer to “Revolverpistool A” which was the official designation of the weapon. For a cartridge which was made in the hundreds of thousands, it seems remarkably hard to find!

Chris, I can’t help you with your request, but I can add that in a Dutch report dated November 25, 1868 and published in 1869 there are details of several revolvers examined for further adoption, including a local conversion for an Adams-Francotte percussion revolver. The cartridge tested in this gun was made by Fusnot and is described as having a bullet of 11.6 mm diameter with “same form as figure 19” (shown below).

Another cartridge tested in an undetermined revolver was made by Goosseels in Liège and looks very much like a British Boxer construction. Shape and dimensions are close to a .450 Revolver (total lenght: 29,8 mm; case lenght: 16.7 mm; body: 11.9 mm; rim: 12.9 mm; bullet: 11.3 mm; rim thickness: 0.6 mm). Figure below:

Other cartridges were examined, including a 12 mm Perrin, an “English” .450, two 11 mm models by Fusnot (thin rim & long case and thick rim & short case), a thick rim 12 mm by Gévelot and an interesting inside primed 11/12 mm by F. W. (Félix Warnier?).

I’ll send you a copy for more information.



Thanks Fede,
I was aware of the other conversions by Bergansius, Francotte and Pierre Stevens and they all used basically commercial ammunition (from either Fusnot or Gevelot) with minor adaptations to test their designs. The design by Bergansius was tested using a cartridge of about 11.2mm but was finally adopted in the more familiar 9.4mm. I was not aware of the cartridge by Goosseels and I look forward to seeing the documents to which you refer.