11,4x50r brazilian comblain m 74

Hello everyone!
Does anyone have a cartridge dimension about this cartridge - 11,4x50r brazilian comblain m 74?
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Hi, if you use the search motor on this forum, you can find a great quantity of datas about . M 74 … Myself, i think all Brazilians cartridges or used by Brazil are classic Belgium type,from différents factory in capacity to build . We need attempt 1889’s for found specific cartridges, with long cases …
Bsrg, Dan

I am from Europe and I found a die set for 11,4x50R brazilian Comblain M 74.
I am trying to make ammo for the 11x49R Morocco Comblain M1882/84 but I cant find a die set for this cartridge.
How similar are these two cartridges?
Best Regards, Orlin.

Hi, There is a fairly large tolerance for rifle chambers that fire old cartridges. You can also make a beeswax or candle cast to measure the chamber of your gun, and compare …

Try to found Moroccans draws from other factory, me it’s all i have
Bsrg, Dan

Use the die set you have,with the tolerances of the day there will be no problems.