11.5mm Roth Auto pistol only


A bit too expensive for me.




That is the most expensive inert round I have ever seen for sale. Someone was silly to inert it if it is as rare as they say. I’ll watch it and post how much it goes for.


I don’t think you need to follow it too closely, as I doubt very seriously that it will get the opening bid.


so my live one, ought to be worth?


I’d not make the assumption that the “inert” description is correct, nor be judgmental about it if this is an accurate description; in support of which I would make three points:

(1) It is offered for sale on fleaBay, where all sales of live ammunition are entirely verboten per the gun-grabbers who own the site (not because of any illegalities, just their vapid politics). I’ve seen a lot of items offered there which were not, in fact, inert, no matter the description. Quite often, they are described as being “so old they cannot possibly be fired.” Riiiiiiight. When this happens, it is simply a device to confuse the lefties (not a particularly difficult matter considering the target audience) and rather amusing to observe.

(2) In many countries, the ownership or importation of live ammo is prohibited or sharply restricted, as many respondents here, e.g. those in the UK, are personally and unhappily aware. It’s entirely possible this was the only way someone in the chain of previous ownership could obtain this item, making such an inert condition not “silly,” but rather a matter of unfortunate necessity.

(3) It may still be live, but will be rendered inert for a buyer if it is to be shipped internationally. If, OTOH, the buyer can arrange to have the specimen transported between the parties to the transaction by one or more individuals meeting at cartridge shows or on other travels, then it could be left live, no matter how much it might make fleaBay fume if they knew the truth. For example, a traveler to or from the US may have as much as 5 kg of live ammunition in their luggage if they have the proper import / export documentation and permits.

In short, I’d urge people not to jump to conclusions on this.



Actually there was at least one dummy round in the clip from the original trials so this could be a legit dummy.


That 11.5mm Roth Auto round finished yesterday with 0 bids. The same seller is now lising a 7.7mm Bittner and a 6.5mm Sunngaard blank (both rounds I have never heard of) at


I recently confirmed that this cartridge is the dummy I documented in the original clip and it was associated with the original British Trials.




I won the 6.5 Bergmann from the same seller.