11.5x35mmR Werder

I recently acquired a 1869 Werder pistol. I have located all the ammunition specification to make some cases from 11mm Mauser cases and a bullet die to cast bullets for but the one factor I am missing is the factory loading velocity, if they even measured that back then. Right now my plans are to load up 5 each test rounds of 2.2 gram, 2.5 gram and 2.8 gram of FFg in reformed cases. The 2.8 gram load pretty much fills the case up to the neck and compacts pretty tightly. I am going to chronograph the loads and as soon as I reach factory will stop. If the first load exceeds that, then the rest get pulled down and I reduce the load until I can stay just under factory specs.

The pistol is in great mechanical condition and the chamber and bore are clean with little to no old corossion evident. The breechblock loks up tight.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

The forum doesn’t allow posting of reloading data

Sorry… I was really just looking for information on what the factory ammunition velocity was…

According to Reckendorf, the Bavarian military load had a 22 g lead bullet in front of 2.5 g blackpowder. He does not mention any velocity figure.

Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!