11,5X57R Spanish Reformado headstamp?


I have this in my collection as a 11,5X57R Spanish Reformado. While I beleive it’s correctly identified, I don’t have a clue as to the manufacturer.
The headstamp is worn and unreadable. There is a “P” Maybe an “H” Maybe “96” no clue on the last letter/number.

I thought this may be a rather common round for it’s age and someone may be able to identify the maker by past experience.

Does it look familer to anyone?



Some old black powder cartridges need some help

I think it’s PMH, identifying the Pirotecnia Militar de la Habana, in Havana, Cuba. It was operated on behalf of the Spanish military forces in Cuba and elsewhere in the Caribbean in the 19th century. Jack



That was fast!!! And correct! I took your information and checked the headstamp guide. The headstamp is pictured and is exactly what I have!

Many thanks…



Jones: It would be nice to have all the answers, of course, but as it turns out I’d been reviewing that very headstamp in the last couple of weeks so it was still in my “active” file. Jack


Were these made anywhere other than Cuba? I have only ever seen the Cuban made ones. Were any made in Spain?


Falcon: I believe the arsenals at Seville and Toledo in Spain produced this ammunition too, but it seems a lot of the Havana-made cartridges were captured in the Spanish-American War of 1898 and were sold by Bannerman in New York for decades. Jack


If your looking for 11.4 x57R REFORMADO in MUNICION.ORG, your will see several Spanish h/s and some boxes.




Thanks for that link.

On another link it said that the headstamps are often flattened because the cases were reloaded. Maybe this is why the original round in the thread has a flattened headstamp.

Jack: It seems that they are still fairly common in the USA today. I saw quite a full few boxes at SLICS earlier this year.