11 Ga 2 3/8" UMCCo BRIDG.CONN (Moustache)?


11 Ga 2 3/8" UMCCo BRIDG.CONN (Moustache) … 85.00

Dear Shotgun Shell Experts,

The above is a listing in this months IAA publication, page 42, left column.

I have one of these brass shotgun shells but I have no idea what “Moustache” means?

A new friend pointed it out to me that my brass shotgun shell was an 11 GA, not a 12 GA. The headstamp says the same as above (no mustache line…) but has 11 then a space, then a B.

Is this the same shell that is referred to as “Moustache”?



You need to measure the rim & head to determine the gage, / gauge,// bore. & the Moustache is two horizontal tear-dropped shaped figures with tails on either side of a small circle. (looking somewhat like a Mustache & found a the 6:00 position of the headstamp).
My Moustache is without a primer or primer pocket. Not X-rayed, some think it is some kind of inside primed. My guess is unfinished & it has a .840" rim & .791" head making it an 11 B gauge shell.
This UMC shell (with mustache) is found n both large & small mustaches (length of the tail)and in 10 A, 10 B, 11 A, 11 B, 12 A, & 12 B gages
So if it doesn’t have this mustache it’s not a mustache shell, but 11 B’s are uncommon in any of their variations.
as to value I’d place added value on the 11 A or B gauge / bore / gage
Hope this is of help


I have one or two Moustache shells in my collection.

Unfortunately i do not know anybody having an X ray machine.
Therefore I would be interested if somebody can confirm they are inside primed.
(I don’t think they are but would like to be sure)



Dear PetedeCoux,
Thank you so much for your reply.
The shell is 2.75 inches long.
The inner diameter of the case mouth appears to be .760 inches.
The outer diameter of the case mouth appears to be .790 inches.

My new friend Bill Hinden, discovered me as a neighbor on the new IAA member list and called to show me some cartridges. I just happened to have a couple of these that might be special. He called me back this morning to say it is possible that this one sold at auction 10 years ago for $380? I was shocked.

PS, If it’s worth that much, I am NOT telling my wife. :)


And by the way?
I did not even know there was such thing as an 11 GA before two days ago! I thought it was a 12 GA. I have three more with NO head stamps as well that I thought were all the same.
Thanks Bill for quite the tour.
Bill was very nice and asking me questions about what I collected and what direction I was going…
Before I went to a cartridge show, I had decided I just wanted one of each of them. HA!
I felt like a kindergarden student talking to a Harvard professor.
I didn’t even know about so many different types of shells.
I was fascinated by a teet cartridge, around the 1860’s, that loads into a revolver from the FRONT of the cylinder.
Of course that was just one of hundreds that really overwhelmed me.
Thanks Bill!!!


[quote=“munitionguy”]He called me back this morning to say it is possible that this one sold at auction 10 years ago for $380? I was shocked.


$ 380 for a 11 B ???
No !! a lot lot less than that.

If it was a 13 or a 15 yes, but not for a 11 wich is the most common of the B serie.



JP = 11 the most common of the B series, you must be kidding!

12 or 10 yes but 11.

I’ll trade you 5 different 10’s for 3 different 11’s


Hi Pete,

You are right, 10 B and 12 B (and also 16B and 20B) are more common than an 11B.

In my mind I was comparing the 11 B to the famous 13 B and 15B and also to the 4 B, 8 B, 14 B and 20 B.

I know there is only one 13 and one 15 known.

And I have never seen a 4, 8, 14 and 20 which must be pretty scarce also. Have you ever seen them ?



Well, back to my original question.
What do you think it’s worth? I am not betting my next car payment on it but I am just curious. I first thought it was less than $5, then maybe it was $85 from a page in the IAA Journal, then thought it was $300 plus. I am new to cartridge collecting (although I have been putting interesting cartridges in a shoe box for years) and would probably just trade the second one away for different cartridges.
Thanks for your time and expertise.


The price of a 11 ($85) in the IAA news paper is for a Moustache one, not for a standard ctge.

I would say 30$, but Pete knows better the price of US ctges than me.



Could someone post a picture of the headstamp of a “Moustache” round,
to round out this thread. I am speaking of one that actually has that
symbol on the headstamp. I have never seen one that I recall, and would
like to know exactly what the symbol looks like.

Thank you.

John Moss


John–Here are drawings from Iverson’s book on Shotshells in the U.S.A.


Sorry, I can’t eliminate the glare but hopefully this will suffice: