11 Mauser M71 SHOT LOADS by CIL and Dominion

Here are 2 Boxlabels (one from Dominion and one from the later CIL)
Inside the CIL one, the pictured inside Label was found.
Can this boxes be dated?
They contained ones 11mm Mauser M71 Type SHOTLOADS…
Thx for your help


For whatever it’s worth, these exist with a D. C. Co. 43 M. headstamp and are known with white, red and yellow paper sabots. I believe like the 577 Snider’s the sabot color notes the shot side., but I don’t know with any certainty which is what.
The code I can’t help with but the trademarks of the logos on the boxes date from:
D.C.Co. June 7, 1916 to 1928
CIL 1932 to 1950

Great boxes Peter

Here are some 43 Mauser shot shells . I don’t have any box’s for them there are I think 3 different colors of tips . The head stamps on all are D.C.Co. Not sure what the box’s are suppose to look like

Thx Pete and gunsdora…
On your pic you are well ahead of the time, as your camery shows already September :-))
Thx for the pic…
Unfortunatelly my ammo cames separat from the boxes, so even I do not knew, which ones belong to which box…
there where only 2 of each samples, as I bought them abroad…they came by a forwarder separately packed…but not in the boxes .-((


I would guess if your cartridge head stamp is D.C.CO. it would go with the box that said dominion cartridge Co. the red box on the top. like PetedeCoux said 1916 to 1928. If you don’t have room for that box you can send it to me." LOL "