11 mm Chassepot British made

Just before the forum had problems I was asking if somebody has a picture of a box of 11 mm Chassepot made either by Eley or Kynoch (both made them) for France during the 1870 war.

Same question about Rim Fire ctges made by these same companies always for the French goverment in 1870.

Thank you

Would Eley and/or Kynoch be the source of the French Spencer rimfire cartridges that occassionally come up for sale?

Hello Guy,

During the 1870 war, in addition to the French (guns and ammunition) manufacturing, French goverment was obliged to buy guns and ctges from private or foreign industries:

  1. 30 000 Snider guns made by Small arms Company of london and Small Arms company of birmingham
    20 000 snider guns made by: Bonehill, Wilson Deeley, Riley, Hollis, Barnett, Guilgud

  2. 500 000 Snider ctges made by Chaudun
    12 000 000 Snider ctges made by Eley
    10 000 000 Remington ctges made by Eley
    2 000 000 Remington ctges made by Kynoch (some of them loaded by Peter Pritchard and Dyer)
    11 500 000 chassepot made by Kynoch
    500 000 Chassepot ctges made by Peter Pritchard

Thus the Snider ctges yu find are either coming from above, either manufactured by Gevelot