11 mm Nordenfelt MG


Could I get a little History of the 11 mm Nordenfelt MG and then its possible value? Thanks Vic




Ok, I will give this a try. The 11mm Nordenfelt, if it is the one I am thinking about is also known as the 450 Gardner, 450 Nordenfeld, 450 Nordenfelt, 450 Gatling M1883, 11.4x62mmR, 450 British Gatling, and possibly by a few other names. It was introduced in 1883 to replace the 450 Gatling (1874 model) as a machinegun cartridge in the British Army. The 450 Gatling M1874 and the 450 Gardner have a very similar profile, but the Gardner case is 0.1" longer. The Gardner also has a thicker rim to minimize the risk of the extractor ripping through and leaving a stuck case in the chamber of the gun. It used a drawn brass case loaded with Black Powder and a paper patched lead bullet, though I have seen them without the paper patch. It was used in the Gatling, Nordenfeld, Gardner and Maxim machineguns, basically, any 450 cal. MG that was not chambered for the 577/450 Martini Henry. As for value, Most of the ones I have seen have been in the $20-$30 USD range. Hope this helps.



Thank You very much. Vic


This cartridge it’s not related to any british caliber. In fact, it’s the same as the .43 Spanish Remington but loaded with and armor-piercing bullet and produced by the Nordenfelt Gun & Ammunition Co. for an Spanish 1887 Contract Nordenfelt Gun (the contract describe the ammunition as “Remington Cartridge with Steel Bullet”). No headstamp.

The same cartridge is also found in Argentina with the AP bullet and with an “standard” lead bullet, wich is rarer than the first one. No headstamp in both cases and same manufacturer.

Federico Graziano.


Thank you Federico,

Good info, the only Nordenfelt round I could think of was the Brit load.