11 mm X 59 Gras Headstamps?



i have a few 11 mm x 59 rounds that i believe are Grass. The head stamps are - ART at 12 o’clock, Month at 9 o’clock, Year at 3 o’clock, and either a D H, T sa , or RS at 6 o’clock… Also have one the ART is at 1 o’clock, SC at eleven o’clock, SEAE at 7 o’clock and the date at 5 o;clock.

My question is: Who made them and why the different letters at 6 o’clock. And what does ART mean?

Thanks in advance, joe


Attached one links to identify your headsamps :
A photo for SEAE ?


Many Thanks Pierrejean,

Would there be an English version?