11 x 52mm Dutch Beaumont and.....?


I had assumed that both these cartridges were the 11mm x 52mm Dutch Beaumont until I happened to compare the two side by side and noticed the obvious differences in shoulder position & height. I would have thought the difference so great that these cartridges wouldn’t both chamber in the same weapon. There is also a noticeable difference in bullet profile.
I suspect that one of them is the Dutch Beaumont but what is the other?
And I’m no longer even sure which of them is the Dutch Beaumont…if either!


11 mm Egyptian? There’s is a very very similar round than the right one in your picture described in the Hoyem II volume

“drawn brass case with brass Berdan primer, lead bullet, no h.s. . probably loaded by U.M.C… Slightly more abrupt shoulder in this drawn case”


Pivi, thank you for trying! I have a couple of .433" Egyptians with both rolled and solid cases and they are indeed very similar, more so to the cartridge pictured right, but their caselength is at least 2mm shorter. My Egyptian rounds also have a heavier ‘rounder’ bullet profile.
If it helps I’ll photograph some Egyptian rounds alongside these ‘Dutch’ rounds.


If the first is a 11x52 Beaumont as it looks, my edumacated guess on the 2nd with so close a case length is the possibly the 11mm x 51 Belgian Comblain with a short bullet. It has the higher shoulder and a slightly larger rim. Can you get rim and shoulder measurements?


Somebody else has obviously also thought that this second cartridge could be a Belgian Comblain as that has been written in marker pen on the case. However, Dutch Beaument has also been written over the top of that!

I’m now looking at pages 174/5 of Jean Huon’s book and I’d agree that there is a strong similarity between this second cartridge and his Belgian Comblain M1876. My reservation though is that my cartridge has a flat tip but the Belgian round does not. I’m guessing that the flat tip would be for use in a tubular magazine weapon but with my limited knowledge of weaponary that takes me no further forward.
The rim measures 17.02mm, whilst the rim on my Dutch Beaumont is 16.7mm and my Egyptian Remingtons are slightly smaller at 16.3 to 16.5mm.
If it was down to the case I’d say that the Belgian Comblain is the best match so far however I don’t think the bullet is right.