11 x 57R Spanish Remington

I enjoyed Bob Rudler’s interesting comments in IAA Issue 461 regarding the 11mm Argentine Remington cartridge, which can be easily overlooked among a group of 11mm Spanish Remington cartridges. I have in my collection three cartridges that I have always assumed 11mm Spanish, but now I’m wondering if that’s actually what they are. I have included a pictrure of the three, all of which have rounded heads and small primers. The primers on the two cartridges on the right appear to be Farrington primers; if this is the case, they would have been made by the US Cartridge Company. The bullet on the right cartridge is unusual, with its deep wide groove; a similar cartridge was listed as Lot 477 in Robert Buttweilers Vol 11, No1 auction catalog, but he provided no information regarding who made it. I’d appreciate any comments or information.