11 X 60 Austrian Werndl

Still trying to get through this collection I inherited.
This time the cartridge was IDed as a 11 X 60 Austrian Werndl but the dimensions are no where near what is listed in my Cartridges of the World. In the first place there is no 11 X 60 listed. The closest is 11.4 X 50. My dimensions follow:
Case, straight, rimmed
Bullet, .434, this might not be original since there are some pliers marks on it.
Neck, .485
Base, .543
Rim, .610
Case L, 2.369
LOA, 2.692
Primer, Berdan, removed
Head stamp, divided into quadrants with a stylized R with a G mid-way through it in one quadrant and a 5 point star in each of the other 3
Googling the dimensions brings up nothing close.
Any help will be appreciated
Thanks in advance,
Jim McQuillen

The most likely candidate is a 11.6x60R (.450) D Express by G.Roth. Based on the British .450 Express case, there is no English equivalent to this 450 case length which is effectively 2-3/8in. Also has a different case profile and rim thickness then the English “E” types.


I am remaking these cartridges if you have any interest you can contact me. Ppryor32@yahoo.com