11m Werndl

This 11mm Werndl has an Austrian headstamp and shows it was manufactured by Georg Roth in 1879. It has a struck primer and a dark purple wooden bullet which, I’d guess by it’s light weight, is a hollow jacket. There doesn’t seem to be any powder charge in it although it may have been inerted at some stage.
Is this a blank cartridge or a dummy cartridge?

According to me it is a practice cartridge without load with a wooden bullet that is long to the base of the case

I have a werndl cartridge loaded with a lead round ball.It could be an helmet test round but nobody seems to be able to identify it

Sorry,your cartridge is a dummy one,not a practice one.excuse me,but I have some problems translating somwe words form Italian to english
In Italian your cartridge would be called "da manipolazione"