11mm (.43) Remington Spanish - Primer systems

Hi all. I am doing an investigation/report for this round here in Uruguay and I need help with some ID and as well if someone can provide information in the different styles of Berdan and Boxer used in this round.

These are the units with no headstamp that I need information on the manufacturer:

Any information on different Boxer and Berdan styles will help.


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I don’t see any Boxer primers?

HI Pete

yes, in the table they are only Berdan due to so far all the non headstamp units I did this cross section are Berdan. Looking forward if someone have a boxer picture or drawing for this calliper.

I have in may collection this unit but without primer cup:

Thanks in advance

Hi, Daniel;
Winchester loaded the .43 Spanish for a short while using the Milbank primer. Too expensive to section! I believe there is a drawing in the Guide to Ammunition Collecting in the Reference section. Winchester also headstamped the cartridge.

43 SPANISH 1001

43 SPANISH 4001

Union Metallic Cartridge Co. Berdan primed. These usually have the Orcutt reinforce cup inside, like your C above. UMC also headstamped these cartridges as shown below and on cartridges with an A base with U.M.C. .43-77. Did UMC produce this cartridge with the Orcutt primer ?

43 SPANISH 2001

43 SPANISH 5001

United States Cartridge Co. made this caliber with the Farrington primer. I do not own one…yet. Also in the Guide to Ammunition Collecting. It has been stated that they made cases for Argentina. These can be found with 93, 94 and 95 dates.

43 SPANISH 3001


Here are some more. The Eley Spanish Rem. appears to be Berdan while the Cuban & Spanish Rem. may be Boxer. I don’t know for sure.& not about to section.

The two with the domed head I’m pretty sure the left example is by U.S.C.Co. as it seems to have the same bullet as in the Argentine examples. There is a very faint raised portion around the primer pocket. But the right might be an E, Remington, though I don’t know if they made it but the head appears to be very similar to others by him.

Two by Winchester left is typical early rounded head & right is an extended neck blank.

A Farrington primed versiFarrington pri Sp rem on