11mm Chassepot paper cartridge

  • The French made Chassepot rifle Model of 1866 in 11mm (.43") caliber fired a self-contained combustible paper cartridge. If I’m not wrong, the early 11mm paper cartridge for the “Mle-1866” Chassepot rifle was all-paper and one-piece case, and later two-piece case of paper and two-piece paper and linen. If anyone has these 11mm cartridges in a collection, I would like to see pictures of them and their boxes. Please explain the construction of these paper cartridges and how they worked. Many thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 10/18/09

I have about information resulting from the former(ancient) site " Histavia 21.net "
Do you want that I you the sendings?

  • @ pierrejean: Anything about the 11mm Chassepot Mle-1866 rifle and the ammo used by it will interest me. Liviu 10/18/09

Liviu, if you go to MUNICION.ORG, at the bottom left there is a yellow window, type in “11 mm Chassepot”, press on “Buscar en” and you’ll see all the drawings and explanations. Be well.