11mm Egyptian Remington?

I have a new piece in my collection. My idea is 11mm Egyptian antiriot shot. Manufacturer probably Kynoch.
Measures in mm:
Headstamp “K 433 E.R.”

The case is a Kynoch case, but it would / should have a muilti-petal (7-8) crimp.
What it appears to me that you have, is a new primed empty case that hasn’t been trimmed as it is overly long. And as it seems the “bullet” is removeable, if it is lead, then it is the inner case linner / sabot holding the 7 square pieces of shot.
The headstamp is correct for the Egyption Remington riot load.

Pete, thank you for your feedback.
The “bullet” is lead and inside are apparently small cubes (approximately 4x4x? mm). Weight is 14.9 grams.
Case in pre-crimping condition?
Is it original factory production?

The case looks too long, check your books for the case type over all length. I have 2 examples with his headstamp & oal’s are 61.72mm (copper primer) & 61.78mm (brass primer).
Sure an original case, & I’d imagine the lead sabot is also original.
Here’s what the shot look like.