11mm French Ordnance blanks? W/Photos

Now with photos:
I acquired a small paper, string-tied package yesterday, was curious about it.

It is stamped in red “ECP 1?25 LOT 6 CARTOUCHES A BLANC MLE 1890-1900”

Being curious, I very carefully slid the string off and unfolded the paper. Inside were three smaller string-tied packages, each containing six cartridges with odd-looking paper bullets.

I only took one out to photograph, then carefully put it all back together the way it came apart. The headstamp is 2 ECP 24 BS.

Measuring the cartridge (along with Cartridges of The World) tells me they are 11mm French Ordnance Revolver loads. It also says that “Cartridges are scarce collectors items”.

I rather expect someone to come along and tell me that an importer recently discovered a warehouse full of these things in some dark corner of the world and they are basically worthless, but thought I’d see if anyone had any info anyhow.


ECP = Ecole Central de Pyrotechnie,Bourges,France, Ammunition factory

You see these blanks around once in awhile. I would not call them rare. However, neither are they real common. I think it is a nice package, and that it, and the individual rounds are quite collectable, even though not at the high end of value. I speak for the US Market, by the way. I would assume they are even more common in Europe, especially France. Regardless, nice item!

Am I correct that the date on these blanks is 1924? Weren’t these revolvers long obsolete by then?

Falcon - they were probably relegated to substitute-standard issue, for non-combat troops only, by 1924. The revolver was officially replaced in 1892 by the 8m/m version, but plenty of the 11m/m were used in WWI. They might also have been used for training, hence blanks being made that late.

The M14 was pretty much replaced but is still in service in the US Military with some troopsj, albeit for special ops only, in would seem (perhaps also the Navy). It first came in service in the early 1960s, so has been around for almost 50 years. The 11m/m French Regulation Revolver was about 60 years old in 1924 - not much difference.

Great info- thanks everyone!

Anyone have a rough guess/estimate as to what this package would be worth? I paid very little for it and monetary value is not everything, by any means, but I am curious.

I’m kind of a packrat, and have a couple large boxes of oddball ammo, accumulated over the last quarter century. I never paid more than a few dollars for a single round and was never really serious about collecting, but some day I really need to sort through it all and see if there is much worth keeping. I guess now is actually a good time as I’ve been unemployed (laid off) for over three months, with likely almost three more months to go.

Thanks John. Isn’t an un modified M14 with a cup non-permanently attached used by the US nave for line throwing?

[quote=“fatelk”]Great info- thanks everyone!

Anyone have a rough guess/estimate as to what this package would be worth? .[/quote]

I usually sell such a blank ctge in France for 2 Euros to everyone.
To ctges association members it is one Euro each.

This give you a base for a 6 pack, about 10 Euros



See iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.ph … ght=#10184 for the M14 used for line throwing, Click on the picture for a larger image.

Thanks for the link. Is the cup permanently attached or not?