11mm German Gras

Who has an explanation on the manufacturing of Gras cartridge by Germany during the WWI ?

I think it was build for a grenade launcher.

Yes, The Germans used the French 8mm Gras Grenade rifle during WW1

Polte (1915 and 1916) and Sellier & Bellot (1915) made round for it


There was an article in Gazette des Armes, issue 140 titled “1915: Les Gras a repetition s’en vont en guerre” that listed the number of 11mm Gras rifles held in storage in 1914-15 at a time when there was a dire shortage of other. more modern, repeating rifles. It carried details of correspondence between the French Minister for War and Joffre, the French Commander-in-Chief.

I recall that the rifles were to be issued to rear echelon troops whilst the balance, once this distribution had occurred were sent to Russia as material aid towards the end of 1915. Given the large number of rifles captured by the Germans on the Eastern Front might it not be possible that these were then issued in turn by the Germans to their own rear echelon forces?

Does anyone have more (and more certain) information on this subject?