11mm German service revolver cartridge

  • This type of .43 / .44-inch rimmed cartridge was for the German made Dreyse Reichsrevolver M1879 and M1883. The round is also known as 10.6X25R or probably 10.55X25R and it seems to be almost identical with the .44 Russian Smith & Wesson rimmed round [11X24.6R]. At the beginning of the 20th century, the 11mm German service revolver cartridge became obsolete but the Reichsrevolver M1879 was still used during WW1 and probably even during the troubled last days of WW2. => If anyone has in his collection the original 11mm German service revolver cartridge, I would like to see pictures of it and the original boxes. Thanks in advance, Liviu 07/31/09 P.S. The Reichsrevolver M1879 can be seen here -> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1879_Reichsrevolver
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I dont have a round of ammunition but I do have a model 1883 that was captured in WWII. It has a capture certificate with it, so your assumption is correct about their use in WWII. Gary James of Guns and Ammo did a short piece on this revolver and he shot his. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact him to ask about where he obtained the ammo to shoot his.

  • @ 30-30remchester: The main difference between the Dreyse Reichsrevolver M1879 and M1883 is the barrel length: 180mm [almost 7 1/8 inch] for M1879 and only 117mm [4 5/8 inch] for M1883. Both models used the same type of rimmed cartridge. Liviu 07/31/09
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Modern manufacturing

Pierra-Jean are you tell us that these are still being produced?

Manufacturing of the 90s (M

Here’s a picture of an original 10.6mm Revolver Patrone.
The headstamp reads ‘5 * 04 S’

About the other headstamp.
I confirm that my grand father got back Reichsrevolver Mle1883 in 44 in the resistance.

  • @ Jim & pierre-jean: Many thanks for the very nice pictures you posted above. It’s amazing that those brave fighting men and women from the French Resistance during WW2 used the old “Reichsrevolver M1883” with the ammo for it. Was it a capture made from the Germans during WW1 or WW2 ??? Liviu 08/01/09