11mm Gras overstamp

These two headstamps are amongst a quantity of similar belted cartridges bought back from The Yemen campaign by Jim Buchanan. Can anybody throw any light on the two marks which are clearly added to the original manufacturer’s headstamp markings? Factory reload marks possibly?

The L.D.P. I would also guess reload mark, as it looks to me that the original primer crimp has been swaged. The S.F.M. with the circle in a square stamp I would say not, as the casing does not seem to have been reprimed. Maybe a case neck anneal mark. Example would be case not originally annealed when manufactured, so was marked as being done at a later date.

No one educated answered as of yet, so I figured I would give you my uneducated guess.


Educated or not there’s plenty of logic in your guess Joe. Thanks for your input.